ISSUE #01, January to June 2012
Dear Friends,

The 6 Partners of TOK-TOC (1242R4) invite all stakeholders interested in developing policies which support entrepreneurial transfer for the small and very small enterprises (SMEs) to join this challenging and ambitious project. The Athens Chamber of Small Medium Industries (EL) as a Lead Partner with the University of Strathclyde (UK), the Business Development Friesland Foundation (NL), the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (ES), the Municipality of Kardzhali (BG) and the Latvia Technology Park (LV) will collaborate in order to identify best practices, to create a model showing how to succeed in business transference, to develop new methodologies and tools that will assist in planning sustainable business transferability, and to reinforce local communities to take a more active role in supporting entrepreneurship. Life-long learning is promoted in carrying over knowledge and know-how to younger generations of entrepreneurs and workers as well as enhancing labour mobility.

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• Athens Chamber of Small & Medium Industries


• University of Strathclyde

• Business Development Friesland

• Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

• Municipality of Kardjhali

• Latvia Technology Park
The Partners of TOK-TOC celebrated its take-off at the auditorium of the Athens Chamber of Small Medium Industries in Athens on March 26th, 2012.  Entrepreneurs, mayors, policy makers, researchers and journalists attended the event in order to find out more about the project TOK-TOC.  The legal representatives of TOK-TOC’s project partners gave a short speech.  A press conference was organized at the Athens Chamber of Small Medium Industries and a press release was sent out to all Greek and international media by the Communications Department of the ACSMI yielded a great reaction about SME transfer in the Greek press.

The 1st Steering Committee Meeting was held at the premises of the Athens Chamber of Small Medium Industries and was attended by all partners, except for the Municipality of Kardzhali. The partners discussed the implementation of Components 1, 2 and 3. Special attention was paid to the rules and procedures underlying the management of TOK-TOC. The partners spoke about their implementation plans and expectations from the project. Lilly Christoforidou, the project coordinator, Graham Smith, Frank Hiddink, Berta Perrez, and Laila Elina introduced themselves as project managers and members of TOK-TOC's Technical Committee. The partners also received an update on the special conference organized in Copenhagen by INTERREG IVC, during which management rules and procedures were outlined. Graham Smith outlined the rationale behind the development of TOK-TOC's Handbook of best Practices. The Vice-President of the Athens Chamber of Small Medium Industries in Athens, Mr. Dimitris Tsatsos, offered to the members of the Steering Committee a small souvenir from the Greek Post Office.

The Lead partner attended the INTERREG IVC Communication Seminar in Sofia on April 16th. Lilly Christoforidou visited Kardzhali in Bulgaria on April 17th and 18th, 2012, and discussed the implementation requirements of TOK-TOC. The Mayor of Kardzhali signed TOK-TOC's Partnership Agreement.

Total budget per partner TOTAL ERDF CONTRIBUTION National Co-Financing Description
P1 Athens Chamber of Small &
Medium sized Industries
GR 399.947,00 339.954,95 59.992,05 ERDF CONTRIBUTION (85%),
National Co-Financing (15%)
National Co-Financing (15%)
P3 UNIVERSITY OF STRATHCLYDE UK 270.421,00 202.815,75 67.605,25 ERDF CONTRIBUTION (75%),
National Co-Financing (25%)
National Co-Financing (25%)
P5 CATALONIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ES 230.635,40 172.976,55 57.658,85 ERDF CONTRIBUTION (75%),
National Co-Financing (25%)
P6 MUNICIPALITY OF KARDZHALI BG 211.428,60 179.714,31 31.714,29 ERDF CONTRIBUTION (85%),
National Co-Financing (15%)
P7 LATVIA TECHNOLOGY PARK LV 205.575,80 174.739,43 30.836,37 ERDF CONTRIBUTION (85%),
National Co-Financing (15%)
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